How Much Does a Cheap 3×3 Conservatory Cost?

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April 20, 2022

What is a 3×3 conservatory and how much does it cost?

The use of the term 3×3 conservatory has probably evolved from the guidance rules for permitted developments that cover conservatories in the UK (although Scotland have their own guidelines).

According to the regulations, any conservatory over 3 metres deep and 3 metres high will require planning permission. Whilst if you are within those dimensions, the likelihood is that you can build it without planning permission ( See ).

So, for a semi-detached home, most 3×3 conservatories are the biggest you can build without having to apply for planning permission (the limit is increased to 4×3 for detached houses).

But, the good news is that there is no real restriction on the width of a 3×3 conservatory, unless you are wrapping around an external corner when there are other rules that additionally apply.

So, 3×3 conservatories are not necessarily small and there is no particular design or shape to this type of conservatory, any suited design can be used. So, actually it’s a bit of a misdirection, but seems to have caught on despite the inaccuracy.

(for those of you who prefer imperial measurements to metric, 3.0 metres is equal to 118 inches or 9’ 10”)

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3 x 3 Conservatories

3x3 conservatory styles

Popular 3 x 3 conservatory designs

Two of the most popular styles of 3m x 3m conservatory are probably the Lean-to and Victorian design.

contemporary conservatory 3

3×3 Modern Conservatory

With the lean-to having a square or rectangular basic shape and the Victorian with a more rounded appearance, you have a marked contrast in how the conservatory will “fit” with any particular house style.

You could also look at an Edwardian or Georgian style conservatory as they can maintain their proportion and symmetry even in smaller sized installations.

Having clarified that a 3×3 conservatory is not always a small conservatory, without doubt, a majority of small cheap conservatories are built from uPVC and use Poly-carbonate for the roofing.

The popularity of uPVC combined with Poly-carbonate for a small budget conservatory is almost certainly due to the cost effective combination of the materials used. You can find full glass sided 3 x 3 uPVC Lean-to conservatory prices starting from around £5,100 and this will include fitting and a 10-year guarantee.

If you take more advantage of the width of your property to build a bigger conservatory, then you could think about using more bespoke designs such as a Loggia or t-shape conservatory.

Although uPVC is very popular for conservatories, two other materials are starting to make a significant impact in the market and those are aluminium and engineered timbers, but they are costlier than uPVC.

The structural qualities of aluminium and engineered timbers make them very good material for use in the construction of conservatories.

  • Engineered wood – very strong, can be formed into long spans and intricate designs if required. Low shrinkage or expansion which eliminates paint peel and cracking. High pressure pre-treated in the factory for long life-span.
  • Aluminium – very light and strong. Can also be used over long spans. Does not shrink, warp or crack. Over 150 different powder coat colours available. Some superb modern conservatory designs in the market.

Some of the designs in engineered wood or aluminium are amazing, but these are not really the materials to use if you are after a small cheap conservatory – stick with uPVC.

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Other considerations for a 3×3 conservatory

conservatory roof full glassA major part of any conservatory is the roof and this aspect can have a huge impact on how much enjoyment you get from your new home extension.

A poly-carbonate roof is a low cost light-weight option, but comes with a few drawbacks that may counterbalance the savings made on cost.

A full glass roof is the way to go if you want loads of natural light, but the glazing needs to be high quality and able to manage heat build-up.

Read more about roofing on these pages
Dwarf walling

When used in moderation and with a material that is in keeping with the style of the property, dwarf walls can look quite attractive and also make your conservatory look more “solid”. Excessive use of dwarf walls in small conservatories can make the room look out of proportion and “clunky”.

Pre-fabricated steel conservatory bases

For many 3×3 conservatories as prefabricated steel base could be a very useful option instead of digging trench footings for the foundations. They are built to match the dimensions of the conservatory of your choice and, because they are raised platforms, are great to use in places where there are a lot of drains, cables or pipes in the ground.
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How Much Does a Cheap 3×3 Conservatory Cost?

As discussed above, 3 x 3 refers to Height and depth, so to identify an average price guide you need to allow a dimension for the width. Therefore 3 x 3 conservatory prices will change according to the design style, material used and width (if the height & depth are consistently 3000 mm).

If you are replacing an old conservatory and already have a suitable base, then you could save around £1,000 to £1,500 on the overall cost.

This table of  prices is for convenience only.  The final cost of your conservatory will be subject to your chosen design specification and supplier.
 Type of ConservatoryBasic SpecificationPrice Band
3000 depth x 3000 wide Lean-to35mm Poly-carbonate / uPVC  White / Double  Glazed£5,500 to £6,500
3000 depth x 3000 wide Edwardian35mm Poly-carbonate / uPVC  White / Double  Glazed£6,400 to £7,400
 3000 depth x 3000 wide Victorian35mm Poly-carbonate / uPVC  White / Double  Glazed£6,500 to £7,500

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