How Much Do Victorian Conservatories Cost?
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June 29, 2017
Victorian conservatory
How Much Do Victorian Conservatories Cost?
July 3, 2017

How much does an orangery cost?

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The desire to have more living space in the home is a common feeling amongst many families and to get that extra room some families just move house. But for those who want to “stay put” the option is to build an extension of some sort.

A full bricks & mortar extension involves a lot of planning and expense, so it’s no surprise that conservatories have become very popular as a solution.

However, for many, a conservatory is just not quite what they want and this is where an orangery can be the alternative solution.

Occupying a place mid-way between a conservatory and an extension, an orangery takes the best aspects of each and combines them into a great looking, multi-functional living space.

So, what does it cost to have an orangery built?

The scope of size and designs of orangeries are primarily bespoke. That is to say they are more often built to the specifications of the customer, rather than something like a conservatory which can be categorised (such as Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to etc.). This bespoke nature of the design makes it quite difficult to be very accurate about orangery prices.

Taking an average across the UK, it would be somewhere around £18,000 to £25,000. Having said that, some larger and specially built period orangeries can cost over £50,000.

To give you some idea as to what are the major pricing factors and more individual pricing examples, here is our orangery buyers guide.

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What is the difference between an orangery & conservatory?

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Luxury orangery

Typical Orangery Interior

The biggest difference is visual, as the sizes can be the same as both are often medium to large rooms.

Conservatories will feature a large amount of glass in the walls and roof, whereas an orangery will present itself with far more use of solid sections, such as panelling or brickwork.

Orangeries will have much more detailing such as pilasters or columns alongside fascia that fronts hidden gutters.

The roof of a classic orangery also offers a significant visual clue, in that the roof is “flat” with a central raised glazed lantern section. Conservatory roofing, whether glazed or tiled will be “apexed” (in other words, sloped & angled).

As a more substantial type of home extension, some orangeries may not qualify as permitted developments under your local planning department guidelines – that does not mean you can’t build one, it just means that you may need planning permission to build it.

Even if you feel that your orangery may fit into the permitted development guidelines, you should still check with your local authority beforehand.

The reason for this is because on some housing developments, the “permitted development rights” could have been given up by the original developer in exchange for the right to have a higher density of houses built on the land.

You should also consult your chosen designer/installer about this as they will be well acquainted with many aspects of planning permission – this is not an area where you want to get it wrong.

  • You can find some general info on our FAQ’s

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Orangeries cost factors to take into account
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You could use a single company to do everything. Design, planning, building regulations, supply and install, or you could go the route of splitting the work between a number of sources.

It could be tempting to go the “supply-only” route and then bring in contractors to build your orangery, as the up-front cost of the materials can make it seem like you could build the same room at a lower price.

We have seen examples of “supply only”, medium sized, orangeries prices ranging from £8,000 for uPVC and £12,000 for hardwood. But there are many things to consider that will increase the final cost, such as:

  • Labour cost–  the cost of the labour will be a large proportion of the overall price.
  • Foundations – a proper foundation is essential. Trench footings are usual in most cases and not included in supply only prices.
  • Power supply – wiring the new orangery for light, power sockets etc. Buying the fittings.
  • Heating – how are you going to heat the room? Radiators or underfloor heating require plumbing or wiring
  • Planning permission & building regulations – who is going to handle these things?
  • Making good – at the very least, your garden area will need some kind of repair. What if you are “knocking through” a wall (or 2)?
  • Guarantees & warranties – who is supplying and honouring the guarantees? Who do you call if there is a problem post completion?

Using a single specialist orangery supplier & installer has the advantage of only having one point of contact throughout the job. Therefore you know exactly who is issuing any guarantees, and your contract with them will specify exactly what is being delivered for your money.

get free quotesYou will also be dealing with a company that has a track record of building orangeries and a customer base who can vouch for (or against) their standards of work. It is also physically possible see examples of orangeries that they have previously built.

Another advantage of dealing with an accredited orangery specialist, is the accreditation itself. Having GGF, FENSA, CERTASS or DGCOS (or equivalent) accreditation means that the company has been independently assessed for working practices and competence.

The trade associations themselves support consumer rights and represent a “safety-blanket” for clients of their members. Good for your peace of mind.
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How much do orangeries cost?

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This table of average prices is for guidance, the actual cost of your orangery will be subject to your individual preferences.
Orangery Size & StylePrimary Construction MaterialPrice Bands
Supply Only Small OrangeryTimber or uPVC£8000  to  £12,000
Fitted 3000 mm x 3000 mmEngineered LSL Timber£18,000  to  £25,000
Fitted 4000 mm x 3000 mmHardwood Timber£25,000 to  £35,000
Fitted 4000 mm x 4 metre (+)UPVC / LSL Timber / Hardwood£30,000 to  £50,000 +

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