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General Questions

1How do I get a quote for my conservatory project?
Send us a few details about your project and we will arrange (usually up to 3 or 4) certified suppliers to quote for you.
click here: GET QUOTES
2Is there a charge for the quotes - even if I want several?
No - all the quotes supplied by installers on our panel are free of charge and without any obligation to buy.
3Can I get more than one quote?
Yes - its up to you. Normally we would select 3 or 4 suppliers, but if you want more, then just let us know in the comment section of the quote request form.
4How safe are my details?
Our data controller is registered under the UK data protection act and so we take care of your information,
We only release your contact details to a genuine supplier so that they can get in touch with you to provide quotes.
5Why should I only use an accredited installer to fit my conservatory?

There are 2 good reasons to do so.

  1. they have been independently assessed as competent
  2. Improved levels of consumer protection (deposit guarantees etc)
6How do I get in touch if I have a question?
Drop us a line anytime, we are happy to help.
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Conservatory FAQ's

1How small is a small conservatory?
A small conservatory, in our opinion, would be about 10 x 6 feet, going up to 10 x 10 feet. (3 x 2 mtr or 3 x 3 mtr)
2What is the best type of door for my conservatory?
Really, it's about function first, form second. That means how well it works for you should be more important than the style of the door.
3Must I have a glass conservatory roof?
These days you can have a clear / translucent roof or a solid roof

Double glazed roofing is better than poly-carbonate. Tiled roofing stops sun glare but you lose natural light.
4Can I just replace my conservatory roof?

If the basic structure is sound then you can just fit a new roof:

Find out more about conservatory roofing options here

5Why are "conservatories prices fitted" so variable?

The reason the cost for "conservatories prices fitted" varies so much is probably down to 2 major factors. Those being

  1. material quality and
  2. labour costs

see price guide here

6What is the best conservatory design for a bungalow?

The general consensus of opinion seems to favour lean-to as the best design for a bungalow because of its low roof angle.

7Do I get guarantees on the work?
You should ensure your supplier provides genuine guarantees on the installation work. You need to establish at outset what time frame & what else the workmanship warranty covers before ordering.
8What other guarantees are there?
The individual products used to build the conservatory (frames, doors, sealed units etc) should carry a manufacturers warranty.
9Should I fit underfloor heating during construction?

Of the 2 main versions.

  1. 1) wet - uses water pipes/li>
  2. 2) dry - uses electric cables

Wet systems should be installed during construction. If you fit a wet system to an existing room it will effectively raise the floor level by around 50 mm

Dry systems can be fitted afterward.if necessary, they do not require such an increase in floor height

10Can I fit an "inside lining" to my conservatory roof?
Lining the interior of a conservatory roof is a good solution for reducing sun glare & heat build up. But you need to do it in such a way that you avoid condensation build up between the roof & the lining.
11Should I buy a second hand conservatory?
Buying a second hand conservatory from somewhere like eBay or Amazon might seem like a good idea, but if it has been dismantled badly you could just be buying yourself an expensive problem instead of saving money.
Check out some ex-display models from suppliers who have their own showrooms if you want a "second-hand" conservatory.

Planning Permission

1What about planning permission for a conservatory?

Within guidelines, a conservatory can be a permitted development and therefore planning permission is not required.

However, to not require permission the conservatory should:

  • Be only single storey high
  • Have an "external" door between the house & the conservatory
  • Not at the front or face a main road
  • Be less than 4 metres in height
  • Extend by less than 3 metres from the rear of the property

Always check with your local planning office - A guide to conservatory planning permission can be found here:

2Are there other things to know about planning permission?
3What about building over drains & manholes?

Before you do any digging or building, it's important to know if there are any manholes, storm drains, foul drains, electricity cables, water or gas pipes underground.

You could need permission to build near or over many of them.

4What if I live in a Listed Building?
To refurbish, repair or extend a property that it listed, you will certainly need to obtain permission to do so.


1Should I borrow money to buy my conservatory?

Firstly, it is important to establish that we are not authorised to give financial advice, and what follows is our personal opinion. Always consult an authorised & regulated financial advisor. 

It seems quite obvious to say that if you can avoid taking a loan to buy a conservatory it's better. If you have to take a loan, we think your Building society or Bank mortgage provider would be the 1st place to check out.

A number of larger installers have credit facilities, that are either secured or unsecured loans. You should go through the terms & conditions in great detail.

You should be absolutely sure that you have the long term ability to meet repayments, because if you default on the loan your entire home could be at risk.

2Why should I not deal with an unregistered installer?

If the supplier / installer has not taken the time &' effort to prove their competence, you should question their level of skill and avoid them.

Trade association registered installers have been independently verified as competent:

  • GGF
3What are the usual payment terms for a conservatory installation?
Typically, you will be asked for a 3 stage payment profile:
  1. initial deposit - maybe 10% or 20%
  2. interim payment - up to 80% of the cost
  3. completion - the last 10% or 20% to be paid upon "handover"
You should be wary of companies that ask for very high proportional up-front deposits.
4How do I get my deposit protected?
Contractors & Installers can provide insurance backed deposit guarantees. If they are members of CERTASS / FENSA or DGCOS, they must provide a guarantee of this sort.
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