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June 16, 2017
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How much are conservatory roof prices?

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In the two major situations where you could be thinking about a conservatory roof, buying a new conservatory or refurbishing a new one, there are common issues to be considered at outset.

However, you may need to think about a few extra things if you are going for a replacement conservatory roof. As many conservatory owners will testify, if you choose the wrong type of roof, you can make “conservatory life” quite difficult.

Conservatory roofing that has poor insulating qualities or that is installed poorly can not only make the room unusable, it can also damage the value of your home.

So here is a buyers’ guide to replacement conservatory roofs that covers:

  • What are the typical issues with a conservatory roof?
  • What type of roofing materials are there?
  • What are the choices for replacing an existing conservatory roof?
  • A rough guide to conservatory roof prices.
  • Advantages & drawbacks of different roofing for a conservatory.

Hopefully, this article can serve as an aid. Helping those who need it, to make an informed choice about the best type of roof system to use on their conservatory.

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Typical problems with a conservatory roof

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conservatory roof raftersYou can probably look at the subject from two viewpoints. The first being physical problems with the weatherproofing or structure.

Weather proofing problems can come in the form of leaks, condensation, damp, mould and draughts etc. The latter of these problems can arise independently, but in a lot of cases, the waterproofing integrity has failed and therefore the “knock-on” effects are those that follow such as damp and its “friends”.

A small leak, from something like the flashing or a cracked pane of glass can and should be fixed swiftly without too much trouble.

But if it is structural, then the whole roof may need to come off.

The second issue is really about living with the roof. Does it protect from both hot & cold weather? In other words, does it (or will it) make the room insufferably hot in summer and unbearably cold in winter – unsurprisingly, these two problems come as a pair, if you get one you are very likely to get the other as well.

What type of roofing materials are there?

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conservatory light

Double Glazed Conservatory Roof

Broadly speaking, you are going to be choosing between:

  1. Full glass conservatory roofing– such as double glazed panels.
  2. Translucent roofing – such as poly-carbonate sheeting.
  3. Solid conservatory roofs – such as tiles, slates or infill panels.

These choices have also been covered in detail here but in summary:

Full glass conservatory roofing

Modern double glazed conservatory roofs have many features that can be utilised to your benefit. Insulation gaps of up to 20mm that are filled with Argon gas combined with metal oxide or other specialised coatings make heat control very manageable.

How much do tiled conservatory roofs cost?

Concrete Tile Conservatory Roof

Translucent conservatory roofs

Primarily poly-carbonate that should be at least 16mm thick but go up to 35mm and have a twin or multi-chamber profile. Adequate weather proofing and some UV protection

Solid conservatory roofs

Concrete tiles or genuine slate tiles are popular but heavy. A more contemporary solution is to use lightweight synthetic tiling for the conservatory. Engineered or Synthetic roof tiles offer a very long-lasting solution with a wide array of appearances and colour options.
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What are the choices for replacing an existing conservatory roof?

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Composite Panels

Composite Infill Panels

Depending on what overall appearance you are trying to achieve or what issue you want to address by changing your conservatory roof, there are a number or options.

  • Replacing poly-carbonate with a full glass roof – this is quite often done due to problems with noisy, leaky or overheating conservatories.
  • Replacing poly-carbonate or glass with a fully tiled roof – sometimes done for the same reasons as above, but also to completely bring a new look to the existing conservatory.
  • Replacing tiled roofing with a full glass or poly-carbonate roof – this is not something you see a lot of, especially its very rare to see poly-carbonate used as a replacement for any type of tiled conservatory roof.
  • Replacing “like-for-like” – maybe all you need is some panels or tiles replaced, as the underlying structure if fine.

For situations where you are replacing your existing roof material with a heavier one (poly-carb to tile for example), it is vital to ensure the existing conservatory frames (and base) can bear the added weight and stress loads comfortably. Get a structural engineers’ opinion.

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A guide to conservatory roof prices
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It’s pretty obvious that there are major influences on conservatory roof prices, but there are some that may not be so easy to spot, so here is a list to give you a general idea of what we mean.

  • Advantages of conservatory roof


    Material – this will make a big difference.

  • Size – the bigger the installation the costlier.
  • Design – a complex “circular” roof like a Victorian style will likely be more expensive than a rectangular style such as a Lean-to.
  • Quality of material 1 – clay & slate tiles are more expensive than concrete tiles.
  • Quality of material 2 – double glazed panels have different specifications. 6mm gap units are cheaper than 28mm units
  • Degree of difficulty 1- how tough is it going to be in order to remove the old roof?
  • Degree of difficulty 2 – will you require structural strengthening for the existing conservatory frame?
  • Waterproofing the joint between the conservatory and house – Usually this would take the form of some kind of “flashing”. There are simple and complex types of lead-flashing that can be used to do this.

The final price for your conservatory roof should be subject to a survey carried out by a professional, that will take into account all aspects of the work involved, including the disposal of the old roofing material.

We have access to a countywide network of experts in replacement conservatory roofs and can arrange for free surveys and written quotations for your project, no matter what size, style or material you want – just click the quote button to get started.
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How much does a Lean to Conservatory Roof Cost?
Roof Size in mm  Specification Full Glass Roof Price Guide 
 up to 2400 x 3100Standard Double Glazed  £2,000 to £2,500 +
up to 3100 x 3100Standard Double Glazed£2,300 to £3,000 +
 up to 3100 x 3500Standard Double Glazed £2,500 to £3,200 +
How much does a Victorian Conservatory Roof Cost?
Roof Size in mm Specification Full Glass Roof Price Guide 
 up to 3100 x 3100Standard Double Glazed £3,000 to £4,000 +
up to 4000 x 4000Standard Double Glazed£4,500 to £5,500 +
 up to 5100 x 5100Standard Double Glazed £6,000 to £8,000 +

How Much does a tiled conservatory roof cost?

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get free quotesA fully tiled conservatory roof is not a low-cost option, and the type of tiles you put on it can make a big difference to the price. It is impossible to be accurate about prices for an average replacement roof, simply due to the massive amount of variations that can be built.

In our opinion, based on what we have been able to discover, you should have a budget in the region of £5,500 to £10,000 for the cost of a new tiled conservatory roof, depending upon what type of design you are after.

For an example sized approximately 2.5m x 3.0m (or smaller), then you could see costs of between £4,500 to £8,000.

Bear in mind that you will need to comply with building regulations for any type of “clear to solid” conservatory roof conversion, and the installer should be including this in the cost.

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How much does a Poly-Carbonate Lean to Conservatory Roof Cost?
Roof Size in mm Specification Price Guide 
up to 2400 x 3100twin wall poly-carbonate£1,900 to £2,400 +
up to 3100 x 3100twin wall poly-carbonate£2,200 to £2,800 +
up to 3100 x 3500twin wall poly-carbonate£2,300 to £2,900 +
How much does a Poly-Carbonate Victorian Conservatory Roof Cost?
Roof Size in mmSpecification Price Guide 
 up to 3100 x 3100twin wall poly-carbonate£3,000 to £3,800 +
up to 4000 x 4000twin wall poly-carbonate£4,100 to £5,300 +
 up to 5100 x 5100twin wall poly-carbonate£6,000 to £8,000 +

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