Conservatory Prices 2018

How much do conservatories cost in 2018?

Information & price guides to different styles of conservatories.

There are so many different versions of conservatories, that there are going to be a lot of prices. When you are seriously considering having one built for your home, and it comes down to "what do conservatories cost?" we believe our ultimate guide to conservatory prices will be a big help.

Forewarned is forearmed, and by having a good idea of market prices for different types of conservatory (and what factors affect them), you will be better able to spot when you come face to face with a bargain (or a cowboy).

Our ultimate guide will cover

  • What are the main materials used to build a conservatory.
  • Visual design options
  • Major pricing factors
  • Price guides

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What factors have the biggest influence on the cost of a new conservatory in 2018?

The impact of construction materials & visual styling

Material Type

What the frames are built from

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If we are not counting special offers or time sensitive discounts, then the material the conservatory frame is manufactured from it can make quite a difference to the price.

The most popular material would likely be uPVC. This lightweight vinyl polymer is known for its' light weight durability and relatively low production costs. The multi-chambered frames used these days have excellent thermal properties being an effective barrier to both cold and heat transfer.

Timber of any kind is a natural insulator and does not transfer heat easily. Thus it is more than suited for use in a conservatory. However, one of the drawbacks of timber is that, if not treated properly, it can expand or shrink during long dry or wet periods. Having said that, if you look after the wood, it can last for decades.

Two kinds of timber are especially suited to conservatories, and they are hardwood or engineered wood. African hardwoods such as "idigbo" look a lot like mahogany and don't cost as much. Engineered wood is very stable, has a lot less trouble with expansion and contraction and can be "worked" into all kinds of shapes also making it an ideal candidate for use.

Type of conservatory

All conservatories are not equal, when it comes to price. For example, a Victorian conservatory will cost more than an equivalent sized lean-to and that is simply down to design elements. The biggest differences, in this particular example, would be that the lean-to conservatory is typically a simple rectangle with a single sided roof and the Victorian is a faceted structure with a many sided roof - more complex work means more cost.

Size of the room

It's not a secret, a bigger room will use more materials and take longer to build and this will obviously translate into an increased price. Large conservatories could also need to have planning permission to be granted prior to construction, which is another expense. If your proposed extension exceeds the limits for being a "permitted development" then you will have to deal with the local planning department.

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Visual Styling

The finishing touches to your conservatory

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Settling upon a general design that you like is the first part of the story, the second is choosing the finishing touches. Making the room reflect or contrast the appearance of your house can be easily be done by adding or removing one or more features, but they have a cost impact.

For example, going for coloured uPVC instead of white could add 5% to 15% to the cost of the frames themselves (not to the overall price).

Here are some things to consider:
  • Opening window sections - some suppliers make a charge
  • The door choice - French doors / bifold doors / Sliding doors
  • Specifications for glazing -  toughened or laminated. Sealed units 6 to 28mm width.
  • Energy ratings for glazed sections - A+ to G (Lower than C does not meet UK building reg's)
  • Coloured frames for uPVC have an added cost
  • Wooodgrain surfaces for uPVC have an added cost
  • The quality of your window & door furniture - handles, locks etc.
  • The type of roof - tiled, glass or poly-carbonate
  • Additional brickwork or masonry - adding dwarf walls, solid pillars or columns
  • Overall size - if you "go big" will you require planning permission?
  • Preparation of ground - is the area flat and clear or is it sloping and uneven

When you get a written quote, it should specify exactly what is included in the cost.

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How much is a Lean-to conservatory?

Lean-to Conservatory Prices

One of the most popular designs.

One of the most versatile conservatories, can fit virtually anywhere.

With its square or rectangular footprint, and simple sloping roof, this is a perfect “entry-level” conservatory. Can be customised to feature dwarf walls or full glass sides. Works well with a set of French Doors. Choose from full glass or solid roof options.

Lean-to Conservatory Full Glass SidesConstruction Material Average Lean-to Price Guide
 11' 6" x  6' 6" (3500 x 2000 mm) uPVC with polycarbonate roof£5,500 to £7,500
 11' 6" x  8' 1" (3500 x 2500 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£6,500 to £8,500
 13' 1" x  6' 6" (4000 x 2000 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£6,000 to £8,000
 13' 1" x  8' 1" (4000 x 2500 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£7,000 to £9,000
Lean-to Conservatory With Dwarf WallsConstruction Material Average Lean-to Price Guide
 11' 6" x  6' 6" (3500 x 2000 mm) uPVC with polycarbonate roof£6,500 to £8,500
 11' 6" x  8' 1" (3500 x 2500 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£8,000 to £10,000
 13' 1" x  6' 6" (4000 x 2000 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£7,000 to £9,000
 13' 1" x  8' 1" (4000 x 2500 mm)uPVC with polycarbonate roof£8,500 to £10,500
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What does a Victorian conservatory cost?

Victorian Conservatory Prices

A true classic period design.

One of the few "Period conservatory" Styles.

With faceted sides and vaulted ornate roof-lines. This style is very often used in the larger P-shape design. Available with full glass sides or dwarf walls. Works best with outward opening doors.

 Victorian Conservatory Full Glass Sided Construction Material UsedAverage Victorian Price Guide
 11' 6" x  11' 6" (3500 x 3500 mm) Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£9,500 to £11,500
 11' 6" x  13' 1" (3500 x 4000 mm)Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£10,000 to £12,000
 13' 1" x  13' 1" (4000 x 400 mm)Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£12,000 to £14,000
Victorian Conservatory With Dwarf WallsConstruction Material Used Average Victorian Price Guide
 11' 6" x  11' 6" (3500 x 3500 mm) Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£11,000 to £13,500
 11' 6" x  13' 1" (3500 x 4000 mm)Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£12,500 to £14,500
 13' 1" x  13' 1" (4000 x 4000 mm)Poly-carbonate roof + uPVC Frame£13,000 to £16,000
To exchange Poly-carbonate roofing prices for double glazed roofing prices, you should allow an extra £750 to £1,500 depending on the size of your conservatory roof.
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What do Edwardian, Georgian & Gable conservatories cost?

Edwardian Gable & Georgian Prices

Stylish Period Rooms.

3 very similar examples of Period conservatories

Primarily with a square or rectangular shape and angled or "hipped" roofing, These are substantial sized living spaces. Frequently featuring dwarf walls, they also suit French Doors. Choose from full glass, Lantern & tiled roof options.

Edwardian Conservatory With Full Glass Sides Material Used Average Edwardian Price Guide
 11' 6" x  11' 6" (3500 x 3500 mm) uPVC frame / Poly-carbonate roof£7,500 to £9,500
 11' 6" x  13' 1" (3500 x 4000 mm)uPVC frame / Poly-carbonate roof£9,000 to £11,000
 13' 1" x  13' 1" (4000 x 4000 mm)uPVC frame / Poly-carbonate roof£11,500 to £14,000
Georgian Conservatory With Dwarf Wall Material Used Georgian Average Price Guide 
 11' 6" x  11' 6" (3500 x 3500 mm) uPVC Frame / full glass roof£9,500 to £11,500
 11' 6" x  13' 1" (3500 x 4000 mm)uPVC Frame / full glass roof£12,500 to £14,500
 13' 1" x  13' 1" (4000 x 4000 mm)uPVC Frame / full glass roof£15,000 to £17,000
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What does a P-shape conservatory cost?

L, T & P-shape Conservatory Prices

Bespoke designs

Larger conservatory styles

P-shaped conservatories, along with L or T-shaped, are larger rooms based on other styles such as Lean-to, Gable and Victorian.These are also substantially sized living spaces. Roofing is usually complex, but you can still choose from a full glass or tiled roof.

Bespoke Conservatory Design  Construction Material Used  General Price Guide 
 P-shaped Victorian Conservatory various£10,000 to £20,000
 L-shaped Lean-to Conservatoryvarious£9,000 to £15,000
 T-shaped Edwardian ConservatoryVarious - With Dwarf Wall£15,500 to £25,000
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Frequently Asked Questions - Conservatory FAQ's

1Do I need Planning Permission for my conservatory?
That will depend upon a number of things. Size is the first thing to consider as a large conservatory could need it. Find Out more here:

UK Planning Portal

2How long does it take to build a conservatory?
It will depend upon the work needed. But a for an average 3 x 3 metre conservatory (and there are no problems), then 2 to 4 weeks would be enough time.
3Which is the best conservatory company?
This is a subjective point, and you will get a lot of different answers. But the best conservatory company is the one who can build you the conservatory you want at a price you like.
4What is the cheapest conservatory?
If you are going to use it as a proper living space, then probably a Lean-to with a polycarbonate roof would be the cheapest type of conservatory.
5How do I find out if the company who quoted me is reputable?
Firstly, make sure the installer is a proper member of FENSA / CERTASS / DGCOS or a similarly trusted and reputable trade association.Ask for references of recent customers - if they are local clients, even better.Check with your local trading standards office.
6What size conservatory should I install
Think about what you are going to use it for the most.
A popular small size for a conservatory is around 3000 mm x 2400 mm (10ft x 8ft).
A large room would be 3000 mm x 6000 mm (10ft x 20ft)

For your peace of mind - All the installers who quote for your work are members of recognised UK Trade Association

  • fensa
  • GGF
  • trustmark